Minton Construction, a Residential Project Management LLC., is seeking experienced real estate professionals and real estate investors.

Together we'll locate distressed properties in high demand markets. The target property is one that is beyond its useful life and is in need of a REBUILD! The investment partner is the financier of the project and we at Minton Construction do the rest!


  • Assist with locating and assessing viable REBUILD properties.
  • Assist with the development of the site plan for submission to the municipality.


  • Coordinate with architects and designers.
  • Coordinate the zoning and building permit process.


  • Ensure all zoning and building codes are adhered to.
  • Locate, coordinate and manage all sub-contractors.
  • Ensure meticulous craftsmanship throughout the entire project.

Trust and Confidence

We want our investment partners to trust in our abilities and have the confidence that we will complete our projects within budget and on time.

Because your trust is so important to us, we don't get paid until the new custom home is sold!